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„A bright day has come to our life... ”

We are kindly greeting You on the website of the Andromeda Travel Agency called: Engagement at a high-class level. To offer reliable and quality services with a genuine character mean a high priority to us. To organize an engagement- the way you have imagined this moment so many times in your thoughts- is a fine task for us. Our imagination can soar together and you will take part in a very exciting and joyful engagement in Makrygialos in Greece.

An engagement means a significant turning point in a connection. Some people have a bright celebration at a place, where the engagement is not just a day among the many ones but a day, which is enriched with truly interesting experiences.

In order to discuss the details, please contact our agency in advance.
To prepare the personal offer; we make the offer after the first consultation on the basis of the customer’s intentions and concepts. The price-offer will be given in a very short time.
(This does not mean any further commitments. The data are handled confidentially).
We are waiting for your honouring feedback. We are willingly at your service.

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Address: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Várkörút 2.
Opening hours: from Monday till Friday 9.00 am to 17.00 pm
It can be booked in the evening every day till 18.00 pm during the holidays by mobilphone: 00-36-30-6422922
Phone/fax: 00-36-22-316000, 00-36-22-500925
Skype: andromeda.travel
E-mail: andromeda@andromeda.hu

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VAT number: 12778492-2-07
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