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„It takes two of us. Always.
In order that we could breathe life
Into a thought, story of feeling.
I can only be the one who starts it.”

By Gyula Krúdy: Two of us...

The moments –having carefully organized for months- can turn into the noble memory of the past soon, therefore it is important to record them properly with paying attention to every phase.

It is worth cherishing nice and happy traditions and the past but it is also important to receive the possibilities what novelties can give us.

The happy day, which is perfect from every aspect. The dream-day does not only mean to choose the proper scene as we do not love our life-companion because of his/her single quality. The seemingly tiny but decisive small matters make the first day together truly nice and unforgettable. The first day spent together is an important foundation stone of our common future life.

Every unfinished sentence and the film seem to be completed and accomplished. This is a special compound of heart-warmingly romantic gestures and rational decisions as well.

Every detail counts in the fever of excitement and preparation. Sensational moments are unrepeatable, therefore we would be delighted if we were assigned to organize this day and we could contribute to make these moments remain calm and unforgettable memories of our lives.

In order to discuss the details, please contact our agency in advance.
To prepare the personal offer; we make the offer after the first consultation on the basis of the customer’s intentions and concepts. The price-offer will be given in a very short time.
(This does not mean any further commitments. The data are handled confidentially).
We are waiting for your honouring feedback. We are willingly at your service.

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